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About Tallahassee Terror Travel Lacrosse
Tallahassee Terror travels competitively in the summer season.  Started in 2011, Terror has multiple teams and over 100 players ranging in ages from 7 to 20.  Terror teams compete in the following divisions:  U10, U12, U14, and High School (HSA, HSB).

The mission of Tallahassee Terror is to raise the level of lacrosse played in Tallahassee and promote the game in our community.Our goal is to teach sportsmanship, team-oriented lacrosse, game fundamentals, and enhance individual skills and athleticism in a competitive setting. 
Frequently Asked Questions about Lacrosse 
Frequently Asked Questions

When does lacrosse start?
We can play all year in Florida but lacrosse is a spring sport. The 2019 High School season will start in January for all schools and in March for our youth league. It will continue through the end of April. We have a summer youth league and a Fall Ball league.  

Does my son need to be an experienced player?
New players are very welcome! Experience is not a requirement. Our coaches will stress the fundamentals: ground balls, passing catching, and ball movement. Our goal is to educate the players and to have fun. It is our intention that all players will play regardless of ability. We want this to be a fun and interactive experience for all players.

Is this a contact sport?
Lacrosse is a contact sport. However, contact will be limited for our group. The contact will increase with each age group. We are trying to focus on the safety of the players and the skill of the game.

What equipment is needed?
Boys are required to have the following mandatory equipment:
Lacrosse helmet
Lacrosse shoulder pads
Lacrosse arm guards
Lacrosse gloves
Lacrosse stick
Athletic Cup 
Cleats (football or soccer)

Do I need to be a member of US Lacrosse to play?
Yes!! Please join at www.uslacrosse.org before coming to practice. It is a requirement to play on the fields at Phipps Farm and insurance protection. Add your son to Tallahassee Terror group.

Is this a travel team?
Spring and Fall Lacrosse usually does not travel. Our summer program is our travel lacrosse program. A lot of our spring players practice with us and continue on to competitive play with the summer travel teams. Tallahassee offers U10,U12, U14, High School A and B travel teams. See the summer 2019 tab for Travel information.